Let’s see how this goes…

Over many days of css and coding without knowing anything about it, I’ve finally managed to customize Comicpress and get Comic Sans online. Currently I only run one comic every 2 weeks in a local newspaper, so I’m going to have to work out some kind of update schedule soon. Knowing my own limitations I don’t think I want to push more than two comics a week. My writing is weak enough as it is without trying to rush it.

It’s only been a few days since I’ve tried to get back into the webcomic circle, and I’m already completely absorbed in the advertising side as opposed to the actual making of the comic. I guess that’s why I’m pursuing Graphic Design. I’ve always been more drawn to the design and presentation of a project than the actual quality of the project itself. However, I find this has helped me immensely with the aesthetics of my comic. My speech balloons have never looked better!

So, as long as Comicpress is going to be convenient and offer me a place to write blogs, I might as well do it. I’ll post non-comic related things here that are going on in my life. Who knows, maybe someone will find me interesting and become a reader even if they don’t personally care for the comic. I’ll post some design projects and stuff in the future.

I am going to sleep.